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Learn more about concierge medicine in Fairfax, VA

There are many reasons why patients prefer concierge medicine. Your job requires you to work odd shifts, so you find it difficult to see a physician during business hours. Maybe you want to dive into extensive testing to improve your athletic performance. Whatever the reason, Atlantic Medical Associates is here to assist you. Our concierge medical clinic is right here in Fairfax, VA, offering extended hours and flexible service for our members.

A concierge medicine membership requires a monthly or annual fee depending on your preference. All of our members have access to innovative health management technologies and a full team of medical care staff.

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concierge medical clinic fairfax va

Why should you consider concierge medicine?

Not everyone is interested in concierge medicine, but for some, it can be life-changing. Consider adding concierge medicine to your plan if you’re…

  • Interested in enhancing your athletic performance
  • Worried about your family history and cancer risks
  • Struggling to fit routine doctor’s visits into your schedule

At Atlantic Medical Associates, you’ll work with leading physicians to optimize your care. Reach out to our concierge medical clinic today to get started.